Archbishop’s Prejudiced ‘Save Secularism’ Campaign

I. TIMES NEWS NETWORK reports the following from New Delhi under the caption
“Secular fabric under threat: Archbishop”:
In a letter to all parish priests in the capital, the Archbishop of Delhi, Anil Couto, asked
for a prayer campaign to be launched and appealed for fasting on Fridays ahead of the
2019 general elections. Citing the “turbulent political atmosphere which poses a threat to the democratic principles enshrined in the Constitution and the secular fabric of our nation”, the letter says:
“It is our hallowed practice to pray for our country and its political leaders all the time
but all the more so when we approach the general elections.” “As we look forward towards 2019 when we will have new government let us begin a prayer campaign for our country,” says the letter, written on May 8, which contains an instruction that it should be read at all mass prayers on May 13.

When contacted, the Archbishop’s secretary, Father Robinson Rodrigues told TOI this was
not the first time a prayer campaign was being launched. No party referred to: Priest’s office :
“The call for prayer for peace and free and fair elections happens before every election. It happened in 2014 and before that too. Only this time a political colour is being deliberately given to the whole exercise by some people,” Father Robinson Rodrigues said.

On the reference to “turbulent political atmosphere”, the Archbishop’s office said the current situation was indeed a cause for concern but “in no way were they referring to any particular regime or party”. “The use of “new government” in the letter is being misinterpreted.After every election, a new government is formed whether it is of a new party or a party that may return to office again,” Father Rodrigues said.

In the letter, Archbishop Couto requests that “…we observe a day of fast every Friday of the week by forgoing at least one meal and offering our penance and all our sacrifices for our spiritual renewal and that of our nation”. He also calls for an hour of special prayers– “Eucharistic adoration”– every Friday at a convenient time in “all our parishes, religious houses and institutions specifically praying for our nation”.

The letter was accompanied by a special “prayer for our nation”, which says “let the
dreams of our founding fathers and the values of our Constitution– equality, liberty and fraternity– be always held in highest esteem. Let the people of all castes and creeds, all denominations and persuasions live in harmony and peace steering far away from hatred and violence.”

II. A Prayer For Secularism :
Hindu Rashtra, which would make my country a saffron Pakistan, is profoundly
anti-national. Julio Ribeiro writes under the above caption in The Times of India, 28.5.2016 :–
“The Archbishop of Delhi has spoken. The faithful have heard. What did they make of his
message? To be careful while voting? That is the most likely interpretation. And that is what he probably wished to convey. Christians who voted BJP in 2014– and there were too many of them to count– have had second thoughts much earlier than May 8, when the Rev Anil Couto’s circular was distributed to all the churches in his diocese.
Archbishop Couto spoke about “the threat to the democratic principles enshrined in our
Constitution and the secular fabric”. He is not the only Indian to have raised such concerns. I know countless Hindus, good, solid citizens of our country, who have condemned the covert and overt attempts to demolish institutions, attacks that portend the end of our secular fabric.

BJP bigwigs, Rajnath Singh and Amit Shah, have understandably taken umbrage at what
Shah calls “the polarisation of voters on communal lines”. Shah himself is adept in the
art of communal polarisation. To accuse a cleric like Anil Couto, an uncomplicated
individual hailing from my mother’s village in Goa, amuses me not a little.

KJ Alphons, the Christian face in the NDA cabinet, wants ‘godmen’ to keep away from
making political statements. But when his own party appoints a ‘godman’ as chief
minister, how can its adherent stop a religious leader of a minority community from voicing concerns that are vital to that community’s very existence?

The truth is that the BJP government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as distinct
from the previous BJP-led government of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, doubts and questions the
patriotism of the minorities! This is totally unacceptable.

I remember my own brief interaction with KS Sudershan, the predecessor of the present
RSS chief. He talked incessantly of ‘80%’, by which he excluded Muslims and Christians
from the mass that constitutes this country’s population! Ever since the Modi  government was installed, Muslims have been subjected to a steady onslaught that has terrorised the entire community. It will not be long before ‘they’ come for the next target in true fascist tradition.

Christians have been routinely accused of converting poor Hindus through inducements. The Catholic church has given up force or inducements as vehicles of conversion, declaring these methods as immoral, ages ago. Charitable work for the poor continues and at times the recipients of such love and care may be tempted to convert.

The government has come down heavily on foreign donations to curb such activity dubbed as ‘missionary’. But care, love and attention continues to be showered on the poor and needy. Archbishop Couto in the letter to his flock has appealed to them to pray and fast on every Friday till the 2019 elections are completed.His fond hope is that the surfeit of prayers and penance will convince divine providence to ensure a more benign and just ruling establishment in Raisina Hill.

I am not sure if prayers and fasts will stop the Modi-Shah juggernaut from rolling on.
Only hard-headed politics can achieve that.I, for one, am preparing for the Hindu
Rashtra! I am trying to figure out, to start with, what Hindu Rashtra really means. I have lived and worked in what I always knew was a majority Hindu country. My circle of friends and persons I dealt with on a daily basis, at work or at play, was predominantly Hindu.

My bosses in the police were predominantly Hindu and with a couple of exceptions were
extremely kind and good to me. Vasant Vinayak Nagarkar, who trained and mentored
me in my initial years, made me stay with him and his family in his own home for four entire months at the very beginning of my service!

My ancestors, as I have often said, were Hindus. Four hundred years ago they were
converted, along with thousands of other Hindus cutting across the Brahminical order of
castes, to Roman Catholicism, the religion of the Portuguese who came by sea and
conquered our territory.

You can call it an accident of history. But I rather like the religion I was born into. It has
taught me the values of truth and justice, so important in the profession of policing, and it taught me the concept of service which the Indian Police Service, to which I belonged,
required of me.

I am a patriotic citizen like the vast majority of Christians in this land. I expect the rulers in Hindu Rashtra to allow me to worship in the way I want to.

That I am sure they will allow me. I will expect them to not falsely accuse me of converting poor Hindus to Christianity by humanitarian work that captures imaginations, because such work should be undertaken not only by Christians but by all who are better placed to help those in need.

I should be prepared for second class citizenship that denies top jobs like that of a
judge in the Supreme Court, a governor of a state, the chief of defence staff or the
intelligence bureau. What I will not accept is being accused falsely of being anti-national and pilloried on that count.

If that happens this land of mine will be nothing less than a saffron Pakistan! This is
what Church leaders like the Archbishop of Delhi are apprehensive about. He should not
be faulted for ringing the alarm bell.”

1. Global Hindu Heritage Foundation via writes onn, on May 25, 2018: “Millions of innocent men, women and children, since the introduction of Christianity, have been burnt, tortured, fined, imprisoned, [and molested]: yet we have not advanced one inch towards humanity. What has been the effect of coercion? To make one half of the world fools, and the other half hypocrites. To support error and roguery all over the earth.”– Thomas Jefferson, the Third President of United States.

2. Julio Ribeiro’s education has been able to provide him a job and achieve efficiency in
the same but we have failed to find a trace of education that broadens one’s mind, to generate willingness to rectify the mistakes, and much courage to learn truth and face the bridlers of untruth.

3. The police chief is scared that the ongoing political march of the Modi –BJP brigade will eventually culminate in fulfillment of the RSS’ dream of a Hindu Rashtra. If and when that happens he fears– “Hindu Rashtra, which would make my country a saffron Pakistan, is profoundly anti national–”

Such an irresponsible and historically wrong comment is extremely unbecoming
of an honest police staff as Julio who has failed to comprehend the inherent Hindu ethos,
by virtue of which, many centuries prior to establishment of the first church in Portugal, it was here in India, permission to establish the first church and preaching of Christianity was accorded by a Hindu King.

For centuries, India has been the sole destination and safe haven for all races and
tribes who had fled their homeland to protect their own religious faith and practice and avoid persecution in the hands of proselytizing and oppressive conquering forces. The idol worshipping Syrian Christians who landed up in Kerala, the fire worshipping Parsees taking shelter in Gujarat and Maharashtra, few Jews turning up at different corners of the country many centuries back, Bahai– the Islamic sub-faith who failed to find shelter in any of the 50 Islamic states, too were sheltered here in India and just a few decades back, Dalai Lama the Tibetan Buddhist leader with his disciples took refuge here in India.

4. So, history proves that right to worship is never violated here in India. But it is true that any hidden mission or passion behind the veil of worship would not be tolerated by the Hindus, and the Modi government is committed to prevent any such hijacking of cultural values and faith, under the pretext of freedom to practise own religion, by
Christian missionaries. Is this commitment the trigger point of Anil Quoto’s anger?

5. Julio has commented, “My ancestors as I have often said, were Hindus. Four hundred years ago they were converted, alongwith thousands of other Hindus cutting across the Brahminical order of caste, to Roman Catholicism, the religion of Portuguese who came by sea and conquered our territory”. But he doesn’t mention the process behind such mass conversion. Goa fell victim to the barbaric conversion process adopted by the Christian colonizers which effectively wiped out the indigenous cultures. Under the
leadership of St.Xavier and St Ignatius Loyola, the unwilling Hindus not accepting conversion were burned to death and their women were raped rendering Goa a city of dead. Mr. Julio has deliberately forgotten the bitter truth.

6. Has Julio never turned the pages of  history that is bloodied with macabre tales
of massacre and destruction of the ancient Maya and Aztec civilizations by the devoted
Christians carrying out the instructions of the devilish Roman Catholic Pope?

The sordid story of how Christianity was spread at the point of sword and temptation is
quite well known. Only one instance, which amply expressed the typical attitude of the
Christian missionaries, who were inspired by this noble job, may be cited here.

Francisco Pizzaro’s expedition against  the Inca’s of America, planned in 1524-25,
was organized to reap a harvest of souls and gold. As Father Fernando de-luque, a
Roman Catholic priest promised support for the expedition they bound themselves through a contract to discover and subdue the countries and provinces lying south of the Gulf belonging to the Empire of Peru and to divide among themselves the whole of the conquered country and to allow Father Velverde, who accompanied them to gather the harvest of souls for Christianity.

No sooner had they entered the dominion than the Christians started with their programme of plunder and massacre. Yet they were forgiven. The Inca Empire was too confident of itself and too forgiving because the people there were simple, honest, broad-hearted and believing.

The emperor sent a message of greeting to the strangers welcoming them to his court, though they had entered without permission. He sent them some gifts also. Pizarro sent back some gifts informing the Inca that they had come from a Prince far beyond the sea and having heard of the victories of the Inca king they had come to see him and to aid him against his enemies.

The party of Pizarro reached the city of Cajamarca where a meeting was arranged
between him and the emperor Atahualpa on 15th November 1532. The city had a triangular plaza larger than any in Spain and they were to meet there. The emperor with his retinue entered unarmed. Pizarro had hidden armed men in the surrounding houses.
When the emperor reached the plaza there was none to greet him. He asked where were the strangers. Father Velverde then entered with Cross in one hand and the Bible in the other, and explained that they had come to convert him to Christianity. Father Velverde explained the Christian doctrine to him and asked him to become subordinate to the King of Spain. The emperor Atahualpa replied, “I will not be subordinate to any other man. Your emperor may be a great prince. I do not doubt it as I see that he has sent his subjects so far across the ocean, and I am willing to hold him as a brother. As regards my faith, I shall not change it. Your own God (Christ) was put to death by the very men whom he had created, but my God still lives on in Heaven and looks down on his

At that Father Velverde went to Pizarro’s hiding place and said, “We are wasting our
breath talking to this dog set for at once. I absolve you.” Pizarro gave his signal and
the armed Spaniards massacred the unarmed Incas and the emperor was taken
a prisoner. Atahualpa then suggested to Pizarro that he would fill his room with solid
gold if he is released. The room was filled with gold but Atahualpa was not released.
The Christian missionary signed, along with others, the decision to burn the emperor
alive for the crime of not being a Christian.

The emperor took it all calmly as befitting his office and dignity. At the pyre lay the Inca
king bound in irons. Father Velverde, who had signed the decision to rob the emperor of his body decided to make another try at saving his soul! He asked the emperor to change his faith, which the emperor once again refused. Now the missionary promised that if the emperor became Christian he would not be burnt alive.In this situation the emperor accepted the baptism. The Christian missionary kept his promise– Atahualpa was not burnt alive, but he was strangled to death.”

This is the story of the first American Christian. Not only that. According to the Guinness Book of World Records– historically the greatest ransom ever paid was that for Atahualpa by the Incas to Francisco Pizzarro in 1532-33 at Cajamarca, Peru, worth in modern money some $170 million. This is how Christianity was introduced and spread in South America! The loot from the INCA emperor enriched Spain and Europe. Great works of sculpture and art wrought in gold were melted by the unappreciative invaders and ship after ship of treasure emptied the American Indian wealth into Europe. The jealous British sent their own pirates like Francis Drake to ambush the Spanish treasure ships at sea and to loot them. These pirates like Drake and Hawkins are still the heroes of
every British school child. The original people of America now live in almost complete
slavery. 98% of the land in South America is owned by a few families, the descendants of
the Spanish invaders, while the indigenous population lives on the verge of starvation and somehow tries to maintain whatever link is left of their original folklore language and with sad and bitter memories without any hope of liberation.

To the first colonizers religious motive was highly important. Missionary zeal, finding no
check, became more righteous and ran riot. The results were disastrous for the cultures and religions of the people of the two Americas. In Hawaii, the indigenous people who
numbered nearly 500000 a century ago, are now less than 50,000 – their culture gone, their language spoken by a mere 500 people and their gods worshipped by a dying handful of Kahuna priests.

7. When Portugal discovered the Spanish coffers are expanding from the exploits of the
states of southern America, they too voyaged with armored fleet and embarked on a massive looting and killing spree. Soon the Portuguese and the Spaniards were at loggerheads with each other , frequently engaging in war on the issue of appropriation of the loot and the exploits. At this point the leader of all bandits, the Christian religious Supremo, the Pope of the Vatican office mediated between the two bandit nations and drew a margin across the map of Latin America, instructed the Spaniards to loot the southern territories leaving the northern counterpart to the Portuguese. So today we see Maradona of Argentina speaking Spanish and Pele of Brazil speaking Portuguese.

This role of a Bandit chief in garb of a religious leader played by the Pope of Vatican has continued since as was witnessed during the Second World War, when Catholic Christian Hitler executed 6  million Jewish populations over years and the Pope remained a silent spectator, never for once appealing to stop the mass massacre.

Julio, how do you appreciate this religion which is directed and practised by such
devil incarnates.

When the renowned scientist Galileo proved the earth rotates round the sun thereby proving the text in Bible to be absurd, it was under the instruction of the reigning
Pope, the local king imprisoned Galileo and he was forced to retract from his discovery.
He eventually died in the prison.

Some 25-30 years back, when the East European Balkan states broke away from Yugoslavia, the states of Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia and Herzegovina got embroiled in
a power and land struggle that was unprecedentedly bloody and horrifying.The Vatican intervened the US government to resolve the issue on condition of conversion of the Muslim and Armenian Christian population to Roman Catholic Christianity en masse.

8. Not just the Catholics, other branches of Christianity are equally merciless and
exploitative as has been observed in Africa, where the Kenyan leader Jomo Kenyatta
had ruefully observed, “When the Europeans landed in Africa they had Bible in their hands and we had our lands. Soon it got reversed and now we have the bible
and they have our lands.”

Ian smith, the white ruler of Rhodesia was reluctant to hand over the power to the natives sighting reason that the black natives were not civilized enough, to which the blacks retorted does the parameter of civilization lie in theft, murder, bribery, homosexuality and sundry such sins brought into Africa by the whites, which were all hitherto unknown to the Africans. A skeleton apparently has asmiling disposition but its smile evokes fear. A Christian’s prayer is one that evokes fear too!

9. St Ignatius Loyola and St Xavier had turned Goa into a terror hub, a land of
death. Loyola had established the Society of Jesus or Jesuits in 1525 AD to spread
Christianity and their activities evoked terrorism and deception of ultra proportions,
the tradition of which continues till date under the garb of education and charity. St Xavier’s School and College, House of Loreto, Missionaries of Charity are but branches of
that evil tree.

10. The very caption of Julio’s article –A prayer for secularism, reeks of deception.
Secularism is absence of any spiritual connection. A Christian catholic like Julio praying for secularism sets a classic example of hypocrisy and double standard prevalent in India, where secularism means fomenting anti-Hindu sentiments and practising secularism helps appeasement of the unholy Sonia-Rahul Catholic Church nexus. Is that why Julio is so anxious about secularism?

11. It would, perhaps, be better if we quoted some excerpts from the Jesuit Oath,
as available on Internet (http:/ – which is administered to the Jesuits who are selected carefully and are entrusted with the duty of spreading Christianity all over the world.

According to procedure, when a Jesuit of the minor rank is to be elevated to command,
he is conducted into the Chapel of the Convent of the order. Where there are only three others present, the Principal or Superior standing in front of the altar. On either side stands a monk, one of whom holds a banner of yellow and white, which are the Papal colours, and the other a black banner with a dagger and red cross above a skull and crossbones, with the word INRI, and below them the words IUSTUM, NECAR, REGES, IMPIOUS.The meaning of which is: It is just to exterminate or annihilate impious or
heretical kings, governments, or rulers. While administering the oath, the Superior
speaks : “My son, heretofore you have been taught to act the dissembler… you have been
taught to insidiously plant the seeds of jealousy and hatred between communities, provinces, states that were at peace and incite them to deeds of blood, involving them in war with each other, and to create revolutions and civil wars in countries that were independent and prosperous, cultivating the arts and the sciences and enjoying the blessings of peace. To take sides with the combatants and to act secretly with your brother Jesuit, who might be engaged on the other side but openly opposed to that with which you might be connected, only that the church might be the gainer in the end, in the conditionsfixed in the treaties for peace and that the end justifies the means.

You have been taught your duty as a spy, togather all statistics, facts and information in your power from every source…. …. You must serve the proper time as the instrument and executioner as directed by your Superiors; for none can command here who has not consecrated his labours with the blood of the heretic; for without the shedding of blood no man can be saved. Therefore, to fit yourself for your work and make your own salvation sure, you will, in addition to your former oath of obedience to your order and allegiance to the Pope, repeat after me –
“I,…. now in the presence of Almighty God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Blessed
Michael the Archangel, the Blessed St. John the Baptist, the holy Apostles St. Peter and
St. Paul and all the saints and sacred hosts of heaven, and to you, my ghostly father, the
Superior General of the Society of Jesus, founded by St. Ignatius Loyola in the Pontificate of Paul the Third, and continued to the present, do by the womb of the Virgin, the matrix of God, and the rod of Jesus Christ, declare and swear that his holiness the Pope is Christ’s Vice-regent and in the true and only head of the Catholic or Universal church throughout the earth… …I furthermore promise and declare that I will, when opportunity present, make andwage relentless war, secretly or openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Liberals, as I am directed to do, to extirpate and exterminate them from the face of the whole earth; and that I shall spare neither age, sex or condition; and that I will hang, waste, boil, flay, strangle and bury alive these infamous heretics, rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women and crush their infants’ heads against the walls, in order to annihilate forever their execrable race….”

12. Julio has expressed concern that while saffron robed monk can don the chief
minister’s chair, why BJP is denying a Christian priest to express his views. Well, we ask Julio himself who has worked with the criminal world extensively over years, why the majority in criminal world is Islamic by faith. Why the Christian missionaries are intent on converting the poor Hindus through the NGOs and why the Maoists terror groups
target the Hindu population only and never attack the Christian or Muslim population?

Narendra Modi in his stint as Chief Minister of Gujarat had been successful in cleansing Ahmadabad off its terror outfits and criminal atrocities through an iron fist and strong will. Yogi Adityanath of Uttar Pradesh is also showing similar success in imprisoning
the mafia gangs and rounding up the local goons, curbing down on corruption in education system and thrashing up promiscuous youths who defile the social and
moral standards.

Julio also expressed his discontent on exRSS chief K.S.Sudarshan’s concern about
80% Hindu population of the country and his neglect for the balance 20% faith group. Well as every knowledgeable commoner living in this country are aware about the crude antiHindu sentiment of Muslims and polite deceptiveness of the Christians, Sudarshan
is no exception as well. Being fully aware about the missionary business of converting
Hindu India under the pretext of selfless charity and massive hatred garnered by the
Indian Muslims and Christians towards the Indian cultural ethos and values, Sudarshan
has not enough ground to show sympathy and concern for the Muslim and Christian

The constitution grants freedom to any citizen to express his dissent against the ruling
government. But for a Catholic Archbishop to use his office of church to express his
political views highlights once again the mendacious tradition of the church to foment
division and hatred.

The Congress’ secularism is nothing but antiHinduism. Hindus so long culturally eclipsed and enslaved under the shackles of secularism will now rise as the Phoenix, as the brilliant sun of eternal virtues of truth and wisdom illumine the sky of Hindu India


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