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This article by activist and freelance journalist Janet Levy explains clearly the process of Islamisation and how it is happening in West Bengal. “At partitioning, the Muslim population of West Bengal stood at 12% and the Hindu population of East Bengal
30%. Today, with massive Muslim immigration, Hindu persecution and forced conversions, West Bengal’s Muslim population has increased to 27% (up to 63% in some districts) and Bangladesh’s Hindu population has decreased to 8%.”

With a 27% Muslim population, enough pressure exists to tip the scales for elected officials precariously toward advancement of an Islamist agenda and make Muslims the most privileged class in West Bengal. Because West Bengal’s Muslims were
largely responsible for her election as chief minister, Banerjee has made substantial
payback. She approved and validated the academic degrees of 10,000 previously
unrecognized Saudi-funded and controlled madrasas (Islamic colleges), four minarets
(Muslim towers), honorariums for imams and an exclusively Islamic township.
Banerjee called for the establishment of Muslim medical, technical and nursing schools with special subsidies for Muslim students, as well as Muslim-only hospitals. (Hinduism Today, Saturday Oct. 22, 2016).

Janet Levy writes– Riots, restrictions on speech and religion, and the takeover of politics
and law enforcement are just a few of the unwelcome changes that can be expected in
non-Muslim societies as Muslim immigrants increase in number, according to Dr. Peter
Hammond. A Christian missionary based in South Africa and author of 40 books,
Hammond delineates how Muslims change societies in his book, Slavery, Terrorism and
Islam. Citing examples of countries worldwide, Hammond outlines typical activities that occur as the Muslim percentage of the total population increases. It is a warning bell about the gradual, step-by-step changes that can be expected in other countries still undergoing significant Muslim immigration.

These societal changes occur because devout Muslims are bound by a 1,400-year-old
doctrine of immigration originating in Islamic scriptures and based on Mohammed’s migration from Mecca to Medina. Under the religious edict or Hijra, Islamic expansionism and submission of all non-Muslims to Shariah or Islamic doctrine
must occur. Islamic expansionism and its counterpart, jihad, are first expressed as Muslim demands for special status and privileges within the host country. A higher percentage of Muslims in the host country can soon translate into Muslim control of political processes, law enforcement, media, and the economy, as well as restrictions on freedom of movement, speech and religious practices. The appropriation of goods and
property, as well as violence with impunity, can also occur.

The situation in West Bengal, in Hindumajority India, bordering Muslim-majority
Bangladesh, illustrates the inherent problems to non-Muslim societies of a growing Muslim population.

West Bengal: At partitioning, the Muslim population of West Bengal stood at 12% and
the Hindu population of East Bengal 30%. Today, with massive Muslim immigration, Hindu persecution and forced conversions, West Bengal’s Muslim population has increased to 27% (up to 63% in some districts), as per the 2011 census and Bangladesh’s
Hindu population has decreased to 8%. While the situation for Hindus in Bangladesh is
certainly dire, life has become increasingly difficult for Hindus in West Bengal, home to a
Muslim-appeasing government and a breeding ground and safe haven for terrorists. For several years, West Bengal has suffered under apparent Muslim-planned riots designed to implement shariah, extract government concessions and grab more territory.

Kolkata Riots: In 2007, a violent protest broke out in Kolkata (formerly known as Calcutta) against Bangladeshi feminist author, physician and human rights
activist, Taslima Nasreen. The demonstrations against Nasreen were a thinly
veiled attempt to institute Islamic blasphemy laws and curtail freedom of speech…… Similar to the justification for the Charlie Hebdo murders in Paris, West Bengali Muslims
protested the violation of Shariah blasphemy law, which mandates death for anyone who dares to criticize Islam. The army was forced to intervene, Nasreen was placed under house arrest and later forced to leave the area. The banned Student Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) and the Pakistani Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) were believed to have fostered the mayhem.

Canning District Riots: In 2013, Muslims in West Bengal were actively lobbying for a
second partition of India to create an Islamic super state – Mughalistan – that
would incorporate Pakistan, Bangladesh and parts of India. Meanwhile, ethnic divisions were also stirred up by an upcoming local election. Into this charged situation, the murder of a Muslim cleric by unidentified assailants sparked outrage among Muslims, as thousands mobilized for rioting in the Canning District. An article in a popular weekly
publication, Organiser, called the attack “a well organized and meticulously planned attack on Hindus”. Over 200 Hindu homes were looted and firebombed, hundreds of
temples and idols destroyed, and vehicles set on fire amid shouts of “Allah-hu Akbar!” Repeated calls for help by Hindus went unanswered by the police. Local
residents claimed authorities were complicit with the Muslim mobs.

Violence in Usti: This January 29th (2015) in a market in the Kolkata suburb of Usti, more
than 50 Hindu shops were ransacked, looted and gutted by rampaging jihadists in the alleged presence of State Minister Giasuddin Molla. Police mostly watched as bombs were hurled at Hindus indiscriminately. They fired a few random shots into the air and detained victimized Hindu shop owners while their attackers roamed free. The situation in Kuleswar, Deyarak, Nainan, Deaula, Gholar more, Bholerhat, Mandir bazar, Hatuganj and other areas also remained tense. There was limited reporting by the mainstream media that didn’t specify the Muslim identity of the perpetrators and West Bengal’s Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee, issued no statement about the violence. Independent sites,
Indiafacts and Hindu Samhati, reported the incident with numerous photographs.

Political Implications: With a 27% Muslim population, enough pressure exists to tip the
scales for elected officials precariously towards advancement of an Islamist agenda and make Muslims the most privileged class in West Bengal. In some areas, such as the border district of Murshidabad, which is over 63% Muslim, de facto Shariah is imposed on all residents. The vast majority of political candidates, elected officials and law
enforcement leadership are Muslim and the economic prospects for Hindus dim as
Muslims refuse to patronize non-Muslim businesses.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who has received official visits from Hillary Clinton and several U.S. ambassadors, offers a prime example of a political leader who expediently favors Muslim constituents, capitulates to their many demands and entices them with special benefits and privileges. The reality of Muslim vote bank politics, whereby an entire Muslim community votes along lines dictated by the local imam or religious leader, adds to the problem and furthers Muslim control of the state. Banerjee has gone so far in her Muslim sympathies as to publicly recite the Kalima Shahadat, the
Islamic conversion prayer, in front of an audience of imams.

Because West Bengal’s Muslims were largely responsible for her election as chief
minister, Banerjee has made substantial payback. She approved and validated the
academic degrees of 10,000 previously unrecognized Saudi-funded and controlled
madrasas (Islamic colleges), four minarets (Muslim towers), honorariums for imams and
an exclusively Islamic township…. Meanwhile, the needs of Hindu refugees from
Bangladesh are ignored, even as they continue being victimized in West Bengal.

In June of 2014, Mamata Banerjee made a highly questionable appointment, Rajya Sabha,
to the upper house of the Indian Parliament. Despite multiple warnings from the District
Intelligence Bureau that had red-flagged him for instigating violence against Hindus,
including alleged participation in the Kolkata and Canning riots and sheltering
known terrorists, she selected Pakistani Hassan Imran to serve as MP. Imran is a
founder and self-admitted member of the radical student group, the Student Islamic
Movement of India (SIMI), a recognized terrorist organization banned by the Indian
government. He founded and edited a radical weekly magazine, Kalam, which he later turned into a daily newspaper, Dainik Kalam, and sold to the Saradha Group, a financial
conglomerate with ties to West Bengal government officials. The publication has
advocated for the establishment of Muslim controlled areas in the state under shariah.
Hassan has close ties to local Islamist leaders and has worked with Jamat-e Islami (JI), a pro-Saudi jihadist group supported by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). He also has ties to a chief official of the Islamic Development Bank, a Saudi entity that has financed Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood affiliate, the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR), an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism funding trial in the United States. JI and the ISI have been linked to efforts to take over the Indian state of Assam and separate it from India.The Saudi-funded terrorist group
Jamaat-ul-Mujahadeen, also linked to MP Hassan Imran, has a major base in West
Bengal, including bomb-manufacturing units, and has used Wahhabi money to build
mosques throughout the state. The Muslim call to prayer is blasted by loudspeaker from
early in the morning to late at night and some thoroughfares in the Muslim districts of Kolkata are closed to all traffic for Friday prayers.

(Earlier) Hassan and other associates of Mamata Banerjee were implicated in a
financial scandal – a Ponzi scheme with the Saradha Group – and things are starting
to unravel for the chief minister. A major investigation of a consortium of 200 private
companies that collected between $4 – 6 billion from over 1.7 million depositors
before it collapsed, may bring down her reign in West Bengal. Her MP appointee,
Hassan, is believed to have acted as a liaison between Jamaat-e-Islami and the
money launderers.

Bangladesh: Hindus of West Bengal need only look across the border to Bangladesh to
see their future if Muslim immigration continues and the Muslim population exceeds
the current 27%. In Bangladesh, with an 89% Muslim population, ethnic cleansing persists unabated, Hindu land is forcibly captured and Hindu homes and businesses looted. People are commonly beaten with no police intervention. Hindus have been tortured and forced to pay the jizya, a tax that nonMuslims are required to pay for
protection against Muslim terrorism. Hindu girls, even married women, have been raped, mutilated, kidnapped, enslaved and forced to marry Muslim men. Law enforcement authorities are often complicit in the activities and provide no protection or recourse. Victims are typically threatened if they report incidents to the police. Often, in the case of abduction, police refuse to register complaints and make claims that consensual intercourse has taken place even if the girl is 9 or 10 years old, a non-minor under Islamic standards.

Kidnapped Hindu girls who manage to escape, report that, they were taken to
Muslim families in which relatives and friends were invited to rape them over
several days while Muslim women facilitated the encounters. . ..It could also serve as an example to other countries facing increasing Muslim immigration and increasing imposition of Muslim values on non-Muslims. (Hindu Voice, December, 2017).

1. Communalism can spring only from ignorance and from a filthy desire for foul
gain at the sacrifice of truth and justice. If communalists care to know a little more of
the religions they condemn, the evil would be dead as door-nail. A politically driven
mind is impervious to the sickening tales of horror, moral turpitude, rape and
ignominy heaped on Hindus in West Bengal or Bangladesh, politics being the last refuge
of scoundrels.

Expediency is the only thing that counts in politics, anything which secures votes is right.
Everything that scares votes is wrong. Modern politicians are hypocritical cowards and
they can never have any convictions, much less the courage to act upto them.

With a typical Hindu mindset and a Hindu grooming in the back ground, most of the
cultured Hindus fail to anticipate the dangerous ill effects of radicalising Islamic onslaughts on humanity that has been wrecking harmony and peace in different countries of the world. Their conviction and complacence in misinterpreted
version of–যত মত তত পথ,j Sri Ram Krishna Paramhansa dev’s Statement–
to attain God head there are various paths,সর্ব ধৰ্ম সমভাব i.e. equal feelings towards all Dharmas- delineating the 10 essential features of Dharma viz. Forbearance, forgiveness, control of passion, non theft etc., and not religions of semetic origin which are far removed from the concept of Dharma, বসুধৈব কুটুম্বকম i.e. everybody on earth is your family– are suicidal. These are glibly talked about by politicians today and without realising the truth and profundity in these eternal sayings, Hindu youth and even seniors get misdirected. The brainwashed Hindu under the influence of pseudo-secular or left oriented socialist propaganda by the press and politicians media and cinema, and organisations busy in fishing through muddy waters remain un-alarmed and cheated. One whose heart doesn’t melt at the incessant reports of torture and tyranny on
children and women, desecration of temples and deities, social sobriety and sanity can
neither be trusted as a well wisher of Hindus nor of the Hindu nation. To understand the
other side of the story it is imperative to have a clear knowledge about the other faiths
without judging everything through our own Hindu hue.

2. [This Indoctrination and propagation of Pan-Islamism is motivated and is a part of a
greater conspiracy has been explained, lucidly, y Anwar Shaikh in his book – “Islam – the
Arab National Movement” (Published by the Principality Publishers, Cardiff, Great Britain)].
a) In the preface of his now famous book,he writes, “The Prophet Mohammed divided
humanity into two sections– the Arabs and non-Arabs. According to this categorization
the Arabs are the rulers and the non-Arabs are to be ruled through the yoke of Arab
cultural imperialism: Islam is the means to realize this cultural dream because its
fundamentals raise superiority of Arabia sky-high, inflicting a corresponding
inferiority on the national dignity of its nonArab followers. From the Arabian point of
view, this scheme looks marvellous, magnificent  and mystifying but it is debilitating, derisory and destructive to the non-Arab Moslems. Yet under its psychological impact they rejoice in self debasement, hoping to be rewarded by the Prophet with the luxuries of paradise.”

b) “The Islamic love of mankind is a myth of even greater proportions. Hatred of nonMuslims is the pivot of the Islamic existence. It not only declares all dissidents as the denizens of hell but also seeks to ignite a permanent fire of tension between the Moslems and nonMoslems; it is far more lethal than Karl Marx’s idea of Social Conflict which he hatched to keep  his theory alive.”

c) “In view of its deep-rooted tendency of Arab-glorification, Islam does not qualify
as a religion but the Arab National Movement. Its success lies in total brainwashing of its non-Arab believers who begin to deplore their own national roots to adore the Arab sanctity, superiority and supremacy.”

d) “Its spring is the mythical intercessory power of the Prophet Muhammad. This
psychological paralysis caused the decline of great Asian nations such as India, Egypt and Iran which once constituted as the great gushers of civilization but now rank as members of the “Third world” for losing their national identity and zest under the influence of Islam.”

e) Analyzing the situation critically, Anwar Shaikh further writes: “As the prophet loved
Arabia and its cultural tradition, the foreign Muslim nations started loving Arabia and its
traditions at the expense of their own countries and cultures. It should be noted
that the Prophet hated infidels. As the ancestors of these foreign nations were
invariably unbelievers, they started hating their own forefathers to love Arab heroes. The Prophet’s assertion that the Muslims are One Nation and infidels are another, accelerated the process of the foreign Muslim’s unity with the Arabs, but as the behavioral model was Arabian, the relation between the Arabs and the foreign Muslims became that of leader and the led or the master and the slave.”

f) “This influence which was originally of individual nature, eventually penetrated the
foreign institutions. For example, most of the Muslim shrines are in Arabia, i.e. in Mecca and Medina, but all other shrines in the foreign lands are subordinated to the Arabian shrines.”

g) “This cultural following of the foreigners has assumed slavish mentality because whatever they think or do must conform to the patterns of thinking and doing set by the Arabian soil and culture. As a result, the foreign Muslims have little or no loyalty to their own motherlands of being devoid of national honour. This is nothing but the miracle of the Prophet who imposed the everlasting hegemony of his own people on Muslims of the foreign nations. I salute him and applaud his ingenuity because he has created similar relationship between Arabia and foreign Muslim countries as it exists between a burning lamp and a moth. These insects are impatient to cremate themselves on its flame without any coercion on the part of the lamp. This divine imperialism has no parallel in the

h) “A peculiarity of Islam is that it glorifies violence and sanctifies murder and pillage of the non-Muslims and abduction of their women for spreading the name of Allah who claims to the All Powerful, yet dependent on man for proclaiming His glory! He also calls
Himself the most merciful, yet He sanctions the basest form of cruelty to those humans, who are not inclined to acknowledge Him as the Divine. Murder, Rape, Pillage, and Abduction etc. are the worst forms or moral vices, yet Allah adores them as virtues for the crusaders (Mujahedeens) who subjugated the non-Muslims to yoke of Islam.”

3. Only a small example will suffice. The Congress Party and the Karnataka government
spent crores of rupees to honour Tipu Sultan. We quote only a single paragraph from the
book of a renowned Portuguese traveller and historian, Fra Barthoelomoeo- ‘A
voyage to the East Indies’ who was present in Tipu’s war zone in early 1790:

“First a corps of 30,000 barbarians who butchered everybody on the way… followed by the field gun unit under the French commander, M. Lally. Tipu was riding on an elephant behind which another army of 30 000 soldiers followed. Most of the men and women were hanged in Calicut, first mothers were hanged with their children tied to necks
of mothers. That barbarian Tipu Sultan tied the naked Christian and Hindus to the legs of elephants and made the elephants to move around till the bodies of the helpless victims were torn to pieces. Temples and churches were ordered to be burned down, desecrated,
and destroyed. … Those Christians who refused to be honoured with Islam were
ordered to be killed by hanging immediately. These atrocities were told to me by the victims of Tipu Sultan who escaped from the clutches of his army and reached Varapphuza, which is the centre of Carmichael Christian Mission. I myself helped many victims to cross the Varapphuza river by boats.”

The letter of January 19, 1790, sent to Budruz Zuman Khan by Tipu himself says:
“Don’t you know I have achieved a great victory recently in Malabar and over four
lakh Hindus were converted to Islam? I am determined to march against that
cursed “Raman Nair” very soon (reference is to Rama Varma Raja of Travancore).
Since I am overjoyed at the prospect of converting him and his subjects to Islam, I have
happily abandoned the idea of going back to Srirangapatanam now.”

We refrain from quoting further from the above article detailing his misdeeds under the
banner of Islam– construction of Hindu temples over mosques, mass massacre of Hindu and Christian, men, women and children with insane savagery.

Such rabid communalism cannot be thwarted by exclusive education, or sermons of love and brotherhood, but needs demonstration of power to retaliate with an iron fist, if need be, to protect the weak and innocent, for the cause of truth and welfare of humanity.

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  1. Only option left to Central government is by issuing National Birth certificate.Through all illegal immigrants. Seal all borders.Infiltration should be stopped. Government should not encourage vote Bank subsidies. Equal rights and no special facilities.


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