Foreign Funds Facilitate Framing Anti-Hindu Laws

Adv. Surendra Nathan writes under the caption “Militant Feminism
in India and the Dangers, Risks and Frightening Life-long Complications faced by
Hindu Bachelors in getting married”– in the Hindu Voice of July, 2017 (Continued from
June 2017 issue) as follows :

It was during the UPA regime that doors were widely opened all over India for the free flow of decadent cultures and traditions of the Western countries. The country had also
witnessed during the ten-year-period that the worldwide NGOs representing Christian and Islamic fundamentalists groups were extremely active in India.

With a view to make hay while the “UPA-sun” shined in India, the “Leftist intellectuals”, who live in India as parasites, attacking the majority citizens’ belief system, opened up their own independent and parallel NGOs in the country on the encouragement and support of the UPA government. Thus, the hard-core Hindu bashers like Harsh Mander, IAS,Similarly there were numerous “Foundations” India’s developmental project like Kudankulam nuclear project, disturbing social harmony in
India, etc. etc. who were active in India from countries like Denmark, USA, Germany,
etc. for funding proselytisation, sabotaging worked during this period for promulgating the “Communal Violence Act” by the Parliament for which he was reportedly paid a whopping sum of over Rs. 10 crores by numerous Islamic fundamentalist NGOs spread across the world.

The sole aim and objective of this enactment was to perpetuate the servitude of the Hindus which had existed in the past for centuries and make them continue to be slaves of the minority Muslims.A photo footnote (in the article) reads: It could be for the first time in the judicial history of India that the Chief Justice of the country is releasing a publication solely meant for a foreign NGO, viz. UN Women. It is, however, possible
that the Chief Justice must have been kept in darkness by Jaising regarding the Rs. 2 crores received from the said foreign NGO by Jaising for each and every yearly Monitoring & Evaluation Reports and that the said publication was solely meant for them.

The footnote, describing Jaising as “Additional Solicitor General of India and Executive Director LCWRI” clearly establishes the fact this woman while holding a constitutional
position was also simultaneously holding an office of profit as its Executive Director in
violation of constitutional provisions, all norms and laws of the land.

The Domestic Violence Act, 2005 was the brain child of Jaising who dreamt of a fatherless
society with productive rights exclusively upon the women in India and this dream of her was being translated by the money poured into the account of her NGO from UNIFEM with the blessings of the Italian woman heading the Indian government. By the provisions of the D.V. Act the entire Indian Hindu men were made out to be demons and the women as angels totally virtuous and incapable of perpetrating any domestic violence. The women in India were also made immune from the penal provisions of the legislation pertaining to adultery.

The D.V. Act is made to be “secular”, meaning thereby it is applied to all the Indian
citizens, excluding citizens in Jammu and Kashmir. However, by numerous judicial
pronouncements, the Muslim citizens of India are exempted from the purview of the Act.
For example, in a recent Judgment by a Muslim Judge of the Hon’ble High Court of
Gujarat (Justice J. B. Pardiwala), it was held: “Muslim Minor can legally wed, but cannot
sign live-in-pact” (The Times of India, issue dated 2nd Jan. 2017).

The sum and substance of this judgment is that the Child Marriage Restraint Act and the
D.V. Act are not applicable to Muslim citizens in India. It is amazing to me, to say the least, that Jaising, the self-styled champion of Women’s Rights in India has never ever during the whole period of her “activism” spanning over a period of five decades made even a whisper with regard to the plight of the Muslim women living as citizens in India. Even a child in India knows that these women are living without the basic freedom and liberty and they are being treated by their husbands and Mullahs merely as chattel.

On the contrary, she fought tooth and nail against any move by the present government
or the earlier NDA government in stopping the inhuman practice of Triple Talaq as well as in the case of promulgating the Uniform Civil Code. This double standard, or rather multiple standards, of the Militant Feminists in India is solely on account of the fact that unlike in the USA where anybody found to be professing leftist ideologies would have been caught by the law enforcing authorities and thrown in the slammer, in India these leftist ideologues were allowed to govern the States in the country like Kerala and to take part in the coalition government at the Centre.

It must be mentioned here that being a staunch Leftist ideologue and as is the case with all the Leftist Ideologues living in India, Jaising regarded Hindus as “scum of the society not capable of having any human rights”. It is this belief that this woman along with her Chief Live-In-Partner, Anand Grover who was until recently a British citizen, spending numerous sleepless nights in seeking reprieve for the convicted Yakub Memon, who was the main accused in the 1993 sensational series of Mumbai bomb blasts which laughtered scores of innocent peace-loving Indian citizens.

As mentioned above, out of the numerous legislations enacted by the UPA Parliament
against Hinduism, the D.V. Act is the most dangerous weapon in demolishing the entire
edifice of the institution of Hindu marriage and family. Several provisions can be cited in this regard. I shall, however, refer here to just one of the Sections of the Act which goes to the very foundation of the institution of the Hindu Marriage in demolishing the same.

Section 17 of the D.V. Act, 2005 provides as follows: QUOTE: (1) Notwithstanding anything
contained in any other law for the time being in force, every woman in a domestic relationship shall have the right to reside in the shared household, whether or not she has any right title or beneficial interest in the same.[Hindu Voice, July 2017, Vol 16, No. 4]

1. The author, a renowned advocate, mentions that for promulgating the “Communal
Violence Act CVA” by the parliament, a hardcore Hindu basher was reportedly paid
a whopping sum of over Rs. 10 Crores by numerous Islamic fundamentalist NGOs
spread across the world. This was aimed to perpetuate the servitude of the Hindus that existed for centuries, to continue to make them slaves of the minority Muslims.

2. Similarly, numerous foundations from countries like Denmark, USA, Germany etc.
were active in India who funded to promote proselytisation, sabotage India’s
developmental project like Kudankulam Nuclear Project and disturb social
harmony in India.

3. The article suggests that the Chief Justice who released a publication meant solely for
a foreign NGO-UN Women, was possibly kept in darkness that Jaising, received Rs.
2 Crores from the NGO for each and every yearly Monitoring & Evaluation Reports solely
meant for them. She was also the “Additional Solicitor General of India and Executive
Director LCRI” indicating how she simultaneously held constitutional position
and an office of profit in complete violation of constitutional provision, and norms and
laws of the land.

4. The Domestic Violence Act, her brain child which dreamt of a fatherless society with
productive rights exclusively upon the women in India, was being translated by the money received in the account of her NGO from UNIFEM (with blessings of the Italian women then heading the Indian Government).
Interestingly the D V Act (2005) is made to be “Secular”, and by numerous judicial
pronouncements Muslim citizens of India are exempted from the preview of this Act,
and the Child Marriage Restraint Act.

5. The anti-Hindu laws are framed by West infatuated hearts who are possessed with a
perverted affinity to emulate Western ideas worst afflicted by wife battering and child battering syndrome, alcoholism and fast developing instability in conjugal relationship due to sex- mad lechery and lack of any Dharma or culture that upholds chastity over lurid feminism.

The designing, devilish progress mongers and female liberty protagonists have been launching tireless tirades against Hindu institutions, their only passport being complete ignorance in the Hindu Shastras that have protected the Hindu society for centuries from repeated onslaughts by the invading cultures and religious deformers.
Their masquerading efforts to defy and denigrate the Hindu laws and culture amount to attempting to cleanse a temple by a night soil- smeared broom-stick.

6. We quote a shloka from Yajnavalkya Smriti (1/72) which is revealing. (Source : Why
Hinducode is Detestable– SDPS)

The Shastras ordain that even if a wife is guilty of gross mis-conduct or promiscuity, she cannot be abandoned helpless. One may refrain from physically enjoying her or restrict her from performing Dharmic rites , but should not be ousted from the house.If a wife fails to serve her husband who is insane, fallen, impotent, coward or afflicted with leprosy, her ornaments should not be taken away or she should not be forsaken.

Divorce or separation is absolutely opposed to the fundamental spirit and aims of Hindu Law. Those, who think Hindu Law requires codification or modification, are vicious fools, whose sole aim is to destroy Hinduism which is the quintessence of wisdom and therefore its provisions can never be anything but salutary in the highest degree.

Hinduism alone knows what and how it is to honour women. The honour of women in the West is a mere cloak for licence. How can women be honoured without chastity? Where chastity has little value, the honour of women is impossible. Chastity, immaculate
chastity is the soul of honour, and people who can fret and foam at ‘Satis’ cannot with any stretch of imagination be said to have any idea of woman’s honour.

The hollowness of honour to women in the modern world is laid bare by the claim of sex- equality only, which is a positive dishonour to women. Is there not an abysmal difference between sex-equality and real positive worship of women by all the male members as commanded in the Shastras? Can the bragging and demoralised modern world with persons like Indira Jaising and her ilk conceive of anything like this? No, no. It is impossible for progress mad modern people who disgrace their lips by uttering sex-equality.

However, Manu Smriti cautions (9/30) that–

A married woman becomes condemned in this world if she takes to another man
and in the next birth she becomes a jackal and in the succeeding ones is afflicted with
leprosy, tuberculosis, and the like diseases that are consequence of sin.

7. The Shastric injunctions quoted from Manu Smriti and Yajnavalkya Samhita are
eye openers which suggest to their humane and compassionate but strictly virtuous stance towards women and men in their sojourn on the path of dharma and righteousness.

Hindu India has fallen on evil times and evil tongues and it has now come to this that to
our legislators, denationlised by accursed senseless imitation of the West, it has to be
laboriously proved that the ancient and unchanging Hindu traditions and customs, are
based on eternal verities and wisdom. They deal with the objects of the life and with all
the questions that touch men nearly and dearly for the salvation of the soul, to attain the
ultimate reality, the Lotus Feet of Sri Hari.They require no reformation.

8. Annie Besant observed, “It is not well to destroy the stately edifice built by the Rishis
which has weathered many a storm and given safe shelter to myriad generations. Chaldea, Persia, Egypt, Greece and Rome have perished mighty as once they were, far
reaching in empire, splendid in achievement. India which was their contemporary has outlived them all. And this marvellous endurance while primarily due to her profound spirituality, is partly due also to the stability given to her by her caste system.”

9. This profound spirituality is, therefore, the basis of everything Hindu. The Hindu
conception of wedlock is a deeply religious one contemplating as it does, the union of two members of the opposite sexes for the purpose of a strict observance of the “Vedic Dharma,” hich alone leads a Hindu towards his desired goal. The baser instinct of sex-urge or animalism plays the least part in it. The problem of those very few perverts and
degenerates who torture their wives or exploit their husbands is best solved through
introduction of these Shastric Codes in educational teachings, not the anti-Hindu

10. Instead of correcting the nature gone astray of upstart sons and daughters, the vile anti- Hindu legislations passed in succession like Hindu Code, Communal Violence Act, Child Marriage Restraint Act, D.V. Act (2005) etc. to demean Sanatan Dharma and give legal licence to remain a Hindu and commit immoralities.

The article clearly shows how the new anti- Hindu laws indirectly promoted by foreign funds and promulgated by the socalled secular reformers (deformers?) are creating greater confusion, complication and chaos in the Hindu society by denigrating the Hindu culture and its age old values.More the facts about the nefarious nexus
between corrupt politicians and the sinful secular perverts come to surface, more their
designs to defame and damage the soul entrancing edifice of Sanatan Dharma get
unabashedly exposed. The eternal wheel of Lord Jagannath defying Space and Time moves on undaunted to glorify truth and annihilate sinto its destined devastating doom.

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