Restoration of Hindu mind set– call of the hour

1.Chief Justice of India J S Khehar said on Wednesday that making strict laws was not sufficient to prevent crimes against women.
Gender sensitization has to start from home (TNN–TOI Mar 9, 2017). He emphasized that the mindset of society had to change to ensure women enjoy equal status as men. ..“A man goes outside house as per his will but wife goes outside after taking permission.
A man spends money as he chooses but wife spends as per his nod. A man is considered to be the master of the house but not wife, because she cooks, washes clothes, keeps the house clean and makes all efforts to make life comfortable. This is the mindset which must change. Children also see the behavior of their parents and follow the same mindset where a girl child is treated as liability and a boy is considered as a future asset,” he said.

Justice Dipak Misra said that putting restriction on women’s freedom was a medieval practice that must be done away. GSICC chief and the lone woman SC judge Justice R Banumathi said that the court had always been upfront in protecting the rights of women and in implementing constitutional mandate against gender discrimination.

2.Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Wednesday that protecting the girl child was everyone’s “social, national and human responsibility”, and urged women sarpanchs to prevent female foeticide. (Role of women critical to nation-building, says Prime Minister
Narendra Modi (Gandhinagar/New Delhi TNN | TOI, Mar 9, 2017).Addressing about 6,000 women sarpanchs from across the country, Modi said, “If women, who are 50% of the country’s population, participate and are included in the nation- building process, our country can achieve great heights.”

Modi urged women sarpanchs to ensure that every girl child in their respective village goes to school and that campaigns against female foeticide were undertaken. Women sarpanchs should stand by women who are victims of domestic violence, the PM said. He also urged them to hold monthly meetings of teachers.“Those days when husbands of women sarpanchs ran panchayats are long gone,” the PM said. He said that a government study had shown how women sarpanchs were more efficient and focused than their male counterparts. “Some of the initiatives surprised me and were invigorating,” said Modi. Modi claimed that more than 70,000 villages had
been open-defecation free.

The International Women’s Day celebrations across the world (International Women’s Day–March 8, 2017) prompted the highest India Govt. officials to introspect and
promise better future and treatment to women in the society. A deep analysis into our hoary past would reveal that, so long Bharatvarsha was ruled under the influence of Sanatan Dharma, criminal propensities against women by a handful of
miscreants were strictly controlled by execution of stringent rules of ‘Danda Neeti’ formed under Dharmic (Hindu) constitution of the land. Not only the male family head, the social or judicial authority but also the Kings were never considered
independent– who could act as per their free will, but were subservient to Dharma and Shastric injunctions. The women members in the large joint family were deeply adored for their perseverance, motherly instinct, hard work and dedication for family and various religious activities, chaste disposition, deep devotion and sacrifice.

As far back as in the days of Ramayana, we recall Bhagawan Sri Ramachandra’s statement–जननी जन्मभूमिश्च स्वर्गादपि गरीयसी –glory of Mother and the Motherland, are even greater than the Heaven.
The Shastras lay down that– Father is heaven and dharma incarnate, and serving him
is the greatest penance. When father is pleased, all Devas(Gods) also feel greatly pleased– पिता स्वर्ग पिता धर्म पिता हि परम तप | पितरि प्रीतिमापन्ने प्रीयन्ते स्वर्व देवताः ||

The same Shastras also declare that–पितुर्दशगुनमाता Mother is ten times greater
than father and should be looked after and honored accordingly.

Lessons from the great epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata unerringly demonstrate the
disastrous fallout of wrongs perpetrated on women. Unlike in the Christian or Muslim faith, Indian Hindu women were never considered a saleable commodity.

Christian view on womanhood: To shed some light on this, we quote from Dr. Jam
al Badawi, a Moslem analyst: Encyclopedia Biblical states: “To betroth a wife to oneself
meant simply to acquire possession of her by payment of the purchase money; the betrothed is a girl for whom the purchase money has been paid.” From the legal point of view, the consent of the girl was not necessary for the validation of her marriage. “The girl’s consent is unnecessary and the need for it is nowhere suggested in the Law.”
As to the right to divorce, we read in the Encyclopedia Biblical: “The woman being
man’s property, his right to divorce her follows as a matter of course.” The right to divorce was held only by man. “In the Mosaic Law divorce was a privilege of the husband only…”
The position of the Christian Church until recent centuries seems to have been influenced by both the Mosaic Law and by the streams of thought that were dominant in its contemporary cultures. In their book, Marriage East and West, David and Vera Mace wrote:
Let no one suppose, either, that our Christian heritage is free of such slighting
judgments. It would be hard to find anywhere a collection of more degrading references to the female sex than the early Church Fathers provide. Lecky, the famous historian, speaks of (these fierce incentives which form so conspicuous and so grotesque a portion of the writing of the Fathers… woman was represented as the door of hell, as the mother
of all human ills. She should be ashamed at the very thought that she is a woman. She
should live in continual penance on account of the curses she has brought upon the world. She should be ashamed of her dress, for it is the memorial of her fall. She should be especially ashamed of her beauty, for it is the most potent instrument of the devil). One of the most scathing of these attacks on woman is that of Tertullian: (Do you know that you are each an Eve? The sentence of God on this sex of yours lives in this age: the guilt must of necessity live too. You are the devil’s gateway: you are the unsealer of that forbidden tree; you are the first deserters of the divine law; you are she who persuades him whom the devil was not valiant enough to attack. You destroyed so easily God’s image, man. On account of your desert – that is death – even the Son of God had to die). Not only did the church affirm the inferior status of woman, it deprived her of legal rights she had previously enjoyed.

Historically, Christianity and Islam, both basically are known to have descended
from Judaism. In Islam as well, women are considered to have no soul. Men have their right to divorce by uttering Talaq thrice (which is inalterable till she is remarried to someone and granted Talaq again paving the path for remarriage with the first person). In case of women, such rights do not exist.Such is the position extended by Semitic religions to women.
Sunnyur Rahman a blogger and cartoonist from Bangladesh in a video
message in Hindi says : Muslim personal law or Sharia law lays down all such restrictions and conditions which are against women almost akin to enslave them. No other issue finds preponderance, and only the issue of marriage and divorce (talaq) are given maximum importance. The triple talaq is one such. Protected under the Moslem Personal Law, Moslem male may freely practise polygamy to have too many children, leading to fast enhancement of their population to reduce the 100 crore Hindu population into a minority within coming decades. Moslems insist for separate rights for them as per Sharia law, only in matters of marriage and not the law for punishments that await a murderer, rapist or a thief. The punishment for theft is chopping off the arm, for murder– slitting the throat and for rape, burying the tormentor in waist-deep soil and stoning him to death. If Sharia law is to be implemented,it should be adopted in full. If Moslem personal law is to be allowed, Hindu,Buddhist, Sikh, Christian, Jain Personal laws should also be permitted preceded by the formation of respective Boards. Or otherwise, singularly, Moslem Personal Law Board should not be permitted.

The recent Assembly election, 2017 results in UP, even in strong Moslem belt have indicated how Moslem women have voted in favour of the saffron brigade as an endorsement to repeal and reform the ‘Triple talaq’ law permitting easy divorce of Moslem women that in turn destabilizes the society inviting its wrath on women, children and the older folk. The raging debate in press and media are evidences of brewing discontent in the feminine Moslem population.

Amongst Hindus, highest regard is ensured for Mother and womanhood– मातृवत् परदारेषु |

The wife of another person should be considered as one’s own mother.
The Hindu Shastras ordain that, a wife is entitled to half the credit her husband earns for
pious deeds and no yajna or sacrifice is complete without her participation.
Till the infamous Anti-Hindu, mother violating Hindu code was passed in the Indian Parliament in 1951, by the anti- Hindu Nehru gang, in India, there was no provision for divorce under Hindu law, and the plight of Hindu women is now on gradual increase. Under the influence of the Western and Middle East Culture that dominated the Indian scene for over 10 centuries, the present generation with their aberrant vision possessed with greed (for dowry, long list of matrimonial essentials etc), snapped from the very basics of Hindu culture and values that upheld the dignity of women (respected as the reflection of Divine Mother Durga), are desperate in their effort to wrongly interpret Hindu customs and cultural values, and fan degenerated ideas. Abortion
and female foeticide are social ills that deserve strong condemnation and condign punishment.

Thakur Shri RamaKrishna Paramhansa, Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Jagadguru Adi
Shankaracharya – all of them practiced Sanatan Dharma and upheld the dignity of
womanhood. Sri Ramakrishna dev went to the extent of worshipping the Divine Mother in the form of his consort Saradamoni. In recent years Shri Aurobindo, Swami Vivekananda , Mata Anandamoyee and a galaxy of Hindu Savants and Sadhvis have focused on the primordial strength of motherhood as enshrined in the Hindu scriptures
and well defined practices. In Kumari Pooja,Sadhaba Pooja) etc. girls and mothers are worshiped as an important Shastric ritual associated with Durga puja.

In the  (Vrihaddharma Mahapurana) we find the following hymn eulogizing the mother–

माता धरित्री जननी दयार्द्रह्यदयासती |
देवी तु रमणी श्रेष्ठा निर्दोषः सर्वदुखहा ||

These 25 solemn names of the Mother heard or repeated everyday and by touching
her feet, relieves one from all sorrows, sins and tribulations to grant emancipation and
eternal bliss. In Hindu mind, mother is perfected piety, honoring her is soul elevating and divine.

Promulgation of a Uniform Civil Code on lines of Sanatan Dharma– the only religion
that in particular, promotes humanism , free from sectarian attitudes, based on principles of equity is needed to protect India from disintegration. It ensures real
justice for all women, irrespective of caste and creed.Without knowledge of Sanskrit and
adequate knowledge of the infallible and omniscient Shastras that are impregnated with
truth, and compassion and respect for all creatures, modern wiseacres, educationists,
politicians, press and media fail to appreciate the divine guidelines ), penal laws
and injunctions that unerringly ensure the dignity and divine dispensation for the welfare of all concerned.

Restoration of the Vedic Hindu mind set is invariably, the call of the hour.

Source: “Truth” Dated 31-03-2017 Vol:84 Issue:47 published by Shastra Dharma Prachar Sabha, 91, Chowringhee Road,Kolkata -700020




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